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Brandon Elementary School9

Brandon, MS | Rankin County


July 15, 2008

This school is great for my children!

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August 7, 2005

I have a child in fourth grade at this school,and it couldn't get any greater.I love this school, because my daughter 3rd grade teacher Holly Jones was excellent. The principle Mrs.Townsend knows how to set the perfect atomosphere at her school, because everthing is in order.

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January 31, 2005

The school overall is acceptable. I have a problem with the Accelrated Reader Program. At my children's other school it was an incentive program where you were rewarded for how many books you read. My problem with this program is that it is restrictive in terms of the titles of books you can read and the level. My child used to enjoy reading, but now she is forced to read the limited books in a certain level. Most of the time she reads books she doesn't like because she is forced to. All I can say, is that she can't wait for summer to read whatever she wants, just for the pure joy of reading. Whatever happend to reading a book and doing a book report on it? Wasn't that a fun and interactive way to see how much you comprehended? 10 % of your reading grade, how ridiculous!

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November 8, 2004

My child transfered to Brandon Elementary from Vine Street. From day one it was CLEAR, that we were not dealing with the same quality of school. Although it is still in the same district. The office staff is rude and unhelpful. It is next to impossible to get the principal on the phone at any given time. The special education department is in extreme need of an overhaul. Twice I have had to actually go into the district office before a problem was addressed. I advise any parent who is thinking of transfering their child to this school, to aquaint their self with facts on this school. Lisa Scott

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September 19, 2003

Brandon Elementary School is one of the best schools. They keep parents updated on everything your child is doing and how they are doing. the teachers there are great too.

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